Glossary: Nari-Ota (なりオタ)

Here in this post, I will explain what “Nari-Ota” (成りオタ)means.  “成り” is an abbreviation of “成りすまし” or spoofing, and “オタ” is an abbreviation of “オタク(Otaku)” or geek. That means, Nari-ota are people who pretend to be somebody’s fans, but actually they are not.

In the context of figure skating fandom in Japan, this is a technique to often ensnare Yuzu-fans. For instance, someone who claims himself/herself to be a Hanyu-fan behaves very poorly on Twitter. Sometimes they are real fans who are not considerate enough, but often they are Yuzu-haters trying to undermine the image of Yuzuru-fans or even Yuzuru Hanyu himself.

According to one of my followers, this is a technique often used in the entertainment industry.

(First written on 2020-09-22)


Appropriate English expression will be “decoy fan” or “decoy ‘fanyu'” specifically.

(Edited on 2021-04-30)



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