Evidence of Slander No.1


You will see very ugly aspect of human nature from what I will show you here, so be prepared.


Maybe I need to say why I’m posting this. Needless to say, I am not in support of this sort of smearing. I do not agree with what it says at all. Never.

Rather, in order to keep it as an evidence of slander, I hereby record this post.

If the original poster deletes this post, I can know that since codes used to embed this will not work properly anymore.

I sincerely hope they will change their mind to refrain from all sorts of smears and slanders, at least in the public space like twitter.

If you still continue to see these posts on Twitter, please help us to report this to @TwitterSupport, although their move is somewhat slow in my opinion (the number of reports matters).

Original URL:https://twitter.com/daidaiyuzuyuzu/status/1307290329528197125?s=20 accessed 2020-9-24 19:08 JST

Screenshot of this thread taken at 2020-9-24 19:10 JST

Screenshot of accounts who liked this tweet (taken at 2020-9-24 19:10)

Screenshot of accounts who retweeted this tweet (taken at 2020-9-24 19:10)

I will not share the accounts who quote retweeted, since some of them quote RTed in order to criticize this sort of slander.

first posted: 2020-9-24

updated: 2020-9-25


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