Evidence of Slander No.3


You will see very ugly aspect of human nature from what I will show you here, so be prepared.


I do neither agree with nor endorse those slandering posts. I hereby keep the record to show those slanders are real and actually took place.

  • If you have a twitter account, please report this so that this account will be banned.

Original URL: https://twitter.com/Sirahama_2020/status/1310122283919269888?s=20 (accessed 2020-9-28 7:09 JST)

Screenshot (taken 2020-9-28 7:12 JST)

*For this one, screen shot only, no embedded codes since YH fans account names are included.

Accounts who liked this tweet (screenshot taken 2020-9-28 7:15 JST)

Accounts who RTed this tweet (screenshot taken 2020-9-28 7:15 JST)

*If you look at the evidences (original tweets, accounts who liked or RTed these slandering  tweets), it seems like they are passing around in a small circle. However the problem is that it is done in a public space like twitter.

*Please refer to my “Evidence of Slander No.1” and compare this one.

This account (@sirahama_2020) and his/her inner circle use the word “new Sendai rule”, meaning make report to gossip media when they encounter YH in Sendai. Evil act, indeed.

*I erased YH fan’s account name, since this account apparently has a hobby to expose YH accounts (sometimes haters use this tactic to embarrass fans).





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