Glossary: Nari-Ota (なりオタ)

Here in this post, I will explain what “Nari-Ota” (成りオタ)means.  “成り” is an abbreviation of “成りすまし” or spoofing, and “オタ” is an abbreviation of “オタク(Otaku)” or geek. That means, Nari-ota are people who pretend to be somebody’s fans, but actually they are not.

In the context of figure skating fandom in Japan, this is a technique to often ensnare Yuzu-fans. For instance, someone who claims himself/herself to be a Hanyu-fan behaves very poorly on Twitter. Sometimes they are real fans who are not considerate enough, but often they are Yuzu-haters trying to undermine the image of Yuzuru-fans or even Yuzuru Hanyu himself.

According to one of my followers, this is a technique often used in the entertainment industry.

(First written on 2020-09-22)


Appropriate English expression will be “decoy fan” or “decoy ‘fanyu'” specifically.

(Edited on 2021-04-30)



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From Past Tweets – My manifesto


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Hi to the new blog world / ブログを始めました

Hi, this is Elan Vital, writing for the very first time for this blog.

There are a number of useful Yuzuru Hanyu fan blogs, and some of them are extremely resourceful and popular. And why am I adding another tiny blog now? Well, many of them are written using a 3rd party platform, i.e. Ameblo, Hatena and so on, so articles on those blogs are susceptible to be deleted, when certain pressure is applied to the platformers. We saw such things happened very recently, and in the past as well. In the worst case, the entire blog itself was deleted without consent of the author. So I started this blog renting a server and using an original domain, therefore, my articles are free from the risk of sudden deletions by platformers. I’m not sure how much I can do, but this is a challenge to resist an invisible big power who tried to suppress the voice of YH fans in Japan.







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